Wealth Structuring

Our wealth structuring services help us develop customized solutions to address your unique needs and goals. Your wealth structuring advisor works together with legal and tax advisors to design the most appropriate structure according to your individual circumstances

Our investment experts provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your current portfolio, help you set investment goals, and manage your trading transactions.

We help you categorize your personal assets and business assets for added protection, while identifying which assets should be consolidated for reduced complexity and clearer control.

Effective risk management is crucial for long-term profitability. We identify and manage any risks associated with your assets including currency rate fluctuations, market fluctuations, commodity prices, interest rates, and equity prices.

Tax Advisory

With the right tax strategy, you can decrease tax costs and optimize profits. Our team is highly adept at managing all aspects of personal and business taxation including tax structuring, M&A transactions, and inheritance taxes.

We advise on both international and local tax legislation relevant to our clients and their businesses to make sure all parties are in compliance with current regulations.

Akir tax professionals publish bi-yearly tax reports for our clients to concisely summarize the current status of your taxes as well as prepare tax returns in your country of residence.

The smallest tax cut can save significant amounts of money for our clients. We look to optimize tax costs related to large investments and improve your tax structuring.

Property Management

Most of our clients own multiple residences, luxury properties and commercial properties. Our property management services assist with all aspect of property ownership.

We advise on opportunities to invest in new developments, off-market properties. and large-scale construction projects.

From assisting with property searches to purchasing real estate and managing property assets, we take care of the administrative support for property acquisition.

For our clients’ private residences, we arrange important matters such as property security, cleaning services, transportation, house staff, and any special requests.

Business Development

We understand that our clients’ wealth usually comes from a family business – and how important is that the business continues to prosper throughout the generations.

Akir Advisory provides comprehensive management support for small and large-scale business projects, which includes risk management, legal advisory, business assessments and project evaluations.

Our executive sourcing helps look for qualified partners and executives from our international network of professionals, based on the requirements of the client.

We advise on our clients’ mergers and acquisitions by carrying out market research, due diligence and tax reviews of all potential movements.

Family Planning

Effective family planning is critical to the long-term prosperity and happiness of our client families.

Proper family budgeting helps to allocate expenses for each family member and build a funnel to savings for larger family expenses like education and pension.

Managing family succession and estate plans will ensure that assets are passed down without risk and maintains financial security for your family.

Creating a set of family protocols ensures that each family member knows their individual role in the family business and unites generations with a common set of guidelines.

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